What’s New with Kol Rinah – January 2014

We’ve just begun our spring semester and are all excited about the new music we’re learning.  Some of it is as old as Renaissance Italy and some of it is as recently composed as just a few years ago.  We’re hoping our audience likes the diversity of music as much as we do.

We’ve spent much time reviewing our very first audience survey, which was handed out at our Chanukah concert in November at the Rosenthal JCC in Pleasantville.  It seems that our audience likes the mix of music, finds our ticket prices reasonable, and prefers a venue in upper Westchester for our concerts.  Do you agree?  Please look for the survey at our Spring Concert.  We take all of your comments and suggestions seriously!

We’ve just scheduled our annual tag sale for this coming spring.  Look for lots of great bargains, snacks, and some friendly faces at Deb May’s house, 1410 Chatham Lane, Yorktown Heights, on Sunday, June 1st.  If you have any new clothing or knick-knacks to contribute, any Kol Rinah member can give you a tax donation receipt in exchange for your treasures.

Our workhorse keyboard is beginning to show its age.  For over 10 years, we’ve shlepped it in and out of closets, up stairs and down ramps, and in and out of cars and vans of every description.  A new one will cost about $4,000, so we’re grateful for donations to our “new keyboard” fund.  Just send us a check (Kol Rinah, 3179 Arbour Lane, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598) or donate via PayPal with the button on the right.  We are a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.  We’re small so we appreciate any and all contributions!

Thanks for reading this newletter.

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