Kol Rinah update for May 2014

So much for my intention to update monthly!  So many of us were involved in our own synagogue’s Purim shpiels, followed closely by all those Passover preparations, that I simply forgot!

This week, Kol Rinah is pleased to be performing at the Westchester Jewish Council’s Julian Y. Bernstein Distinguished Service Awards presentation at the Jewish Community Center of Harrison.  We’re prepped and ready and we can’t wait to help honor those noble volunteers with our music.

By now, you’ve probably received your spring concert letter and flyer in the mail.  If not, please send us a note to let us know!  We think we’ll be drawing an especially large audience since so many of us are congregants of the Yorktown Jewish Center where we’ll be performing that concert.  If you’ve always meant to see us live, this is the time!  We’ve got lots of new music, some nice refreshments (what’s a concert without a little nosh and schmoozing afterwards?), and lots of energy and ruach, so please do come on Sunday, June 8th, at 2:00.

2014 spring concert flyer

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