Kol Rinah Update for October

We’re so excited to have new singers join us this season.  So far, we welcome Colin Goldberg, Joanne Steiner, and Deborah Sachare — and more people are scheduled to audition.  The more outstanding singers join us, the richer and fuller our sound.

Although not all of our new singers will be ready to join us on our next concert or two, they will have the chance to sing with us first at our Chanukah concert at the Jewish Home for the Elderly in Fairfield, Connecticut, on November 30th. We’ve been invited to this beautiful venue many times in the past, and we’re always treated to a most appreciative audience.

Shortly after that concert, we’re proud to announce our annual Chanukah concert, which this year will be at Temple Beth Abraham in Tarrytown, New York on Sunday, December 14th at 7:00 p.m.  The newly refurbished sanctuary and sound system will be a wonderful backdrop to our spirited Chanukah repertoire, including several new pieces.

Tickets for our Chanukah concert are on sale now on our website via PayPal, or any one of our singers can reserve an advanced ticket for you.  It’s going to be a great evening!

2014 Chanukah flyer

2014 flyer Chanukah

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