Kol Rinah Updates for November

We’re proud to have five new singers join or rejoin Kol Rinah for the upcoming year.  We’re busy brushing up some previous repertoire and learning new pieces for the upcoming concerts.  We’re sure our audiences are going to like them.

We’ve been invited to sing at the Jewish Home for the Elderly in Fairfield, Connecticut on November 30.  This is our fourth or fifth gig at the Home for the Elderly.  We love them, and they love us!  If your group wants to start a love affair with Kol Rinah, we’re available!

Have you found just the right hostess gift for Thanksgiving?  Yankee candle has some great ideas, and if you click here, you’ll be helping Kol Rinah as well: www.yankeecandlefundraising.com and enter group number 990069731.  Or you can pick up an extra copy of our CD (just click on the right) and share our music with your friends and family.

We bought three new microphone stands so far with money we’ve made from our Yankee Candle fundraising and other donations.  I promise we’ll put your funds to good use!

Lastly, it’s not too early to buy tickets to our Chanukah concert (see buttons on the right).  We’ve never sung in Tarrytown before and we’re hoping for a large, enthusiastic crowd so get your tickets soon!

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