Kol Rinah Update for May

Our May concert, which was well received by our audience at the Yorktown Jewish Center, is now behind us.  This week, we are proud to perform a concert for the Havorah group of the Westchester Jewish Family Services.  Every spring for the past many years, we’ve sung in full concert dress for anywhere from 50 – 100 developmentally disabled adults and their caregivers.  They are our most enthusiastic audience and just love to be part of a live music performance.  Even our rendition of Happy Birthday (“Is it anyone birthday this week?  Is it anyone’s birthday this month?  Is it anyone’s birthday this year?”) brings applause and lively participation.  But as much as this audience gets from our concert, we get more.  These friends don’t merely clap politely — they cheer and shout and let us know we touched them.  And what could be a better feeling than to know you’ve made someone’s day more joyful?

After our Havorah concert, we’ll be entertaining the members of the Greater Orange County Federation in Newburgh, NY, followed by a summer hiatus during which many of our members attend the North American Jewish Choral Festival in Kerhonkson, NY.  About 500 singers of all level of experience and accomplishment join for 5 days of exploring, sharing, singing, and enjoying Jewish music.  We’ll learn and hear an array of Jewish music and bring back our favorites to sing for you this coming season.  We look forward to much more music to come!

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