Update for March 2017

We’ve been fortunate to have some truly talented singers join us this year, both in September and in January, and we can’t wait for you to hear us as we perform our Spring Into Song concert on Sunday, May 7th at 1:00 p.m.  It’s earlier in the day than we’ve held our concerts in the past, but our new hosts, the Shames JCC on the Hudson, is so crammed with activity every Sunday that we’re glad to have reserved a time that works both for them and for Kol Rinah.  Buying your tickets now not only saves you a few dollars, but it helps us plan so we have the right number of programs and enough refreshments.  So please help Kol Rinah by buying your tickets soon.

We’ll be doing two “sets” during this concert — groupings of related songs.  We’ve got a few settings of Psalm 42 (Kaayal Ta’arog in Hebrew/ As the deer longs for the stream in English), from renaissance to contemporary.  Then we’ve got a few Broadway songs many of you will recognize.  Add to these sets other songs in Hebrew, English, and Ladino, and songs both liturgical and pop, and we think we’ve got a concert everyone will enjoy.

Speaking of our new singers, it’s no surprise that choral singing is still on the rise.  Some appreciate the psychological benefits of belonging to a group (akin to being on a sports team), some feel the physical benefits of singing together (such as deeper, more efficient breathing, and actual brain changes as discussed in this TIME article),  and some of us just like singing with friends old and new.  So whether you sing in a chorus or around a campfire, keep it up!  Singing is good for you — body and soul!

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